For your consideration: Maurice Pons

Maurice Pons

French author Maurice Pons

I just read “The Baker’s Son” by French author Maurice Pons in the latest issue of Tin House. Check this guy out; he’s worth it. According to Edward Gauvin’s introduction to the author (in that same issue of Tin House), Pons is somewhat of a cult figure in France, splitting his time between writing, acting, and filmmaking.

So far I have only been able to get my hands on an English translation of “The Baker’s Son”, but if I can find any more of Pons’s work I’m going to be sure to snatch it up. The guy is good. “The Baker’s Son” is somewhat of a supernatural mystery, though its paranoia is very subtle and the story never makes it clear where conventional reality ends and the fantastic begins. Pons never overplays his hand, in terms of both plot and style. His writing is spare, and avoids resorting to flash in situations where patience is more appropriate.

Check out the story in Tin House if you’re interested. If anyone knows where I can find more of Pons’s books they should send that information my way.



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2 responses to “For your consideration: Maurice Pons

  1. Hi! I’m delighted you liked the story! I haven’t seen the issue yet, so I don’t know how much of the bio info I submitted had to be cut for space. Pons’ English publications are limited at the moment to novels, all out of print but easily findable on abe or addall: Rosa (Dial, 1972, tr. Richard Howard), Mademoiselle B. (St. Martin’s, 1974, tr. Patricia Wolf), and Seasons of the Ram (St. Martin’s, 1977, tr. Frances Frenaye). I recommend the last, in particular.

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