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A few things that I would just as soon not show up in the next century:

—Democracy: What a noble venture, born of such noble principles. Prone to producing demagogues, strange tax laws, and dull art. It was a lovely idea, but it’s about time we started in on the search for something better. That, or find a place in our government for aristocracy. America is on the wane; we need a Caesar.

—Heroin and methamphetamine: Nasty stuff. Never did anybody any good. Drugs are necessary, but this is too much.

—Wars fought on the other side of the planet: War is something you have to deal with from time to time, but I think America would have a very different opinion on the matter if these contests were being waged in our backyard.

—Novels with socially appropriate morals: Middle class hogwash, to be committed to the drain along with the rest of ofal.

—Most university professorships: A society should allow for a few sinecures, but not so many, and never in so high a profile.

—Technological progress: It creates the false impression that things are moving forward, when at best we’re spinning our wheels. Plus, we have too many luxuries. We need a rougher road if it’s going to be any kind of hike.

—Guilt: It is against nature; we have had it with us for quite a while, and I know we’ve all been trying to buck the trend, but in this century, I think we should actually get motivated and put in the effort to do it.



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