Just look at that handsome mug

My name is Shane Danaher and I’m a writer based out of Oregon.

I write fiction, journalism, and a slew of other things that the occasion sometimes calls for. My foremost interest is in literature and to that end I help edit the lovely “Rough Copy” magazine, as well as practice fiction in as many iterations as I can get my hands on. If you’re curious about my work you can find links to some of it under the helpfully labeled “Publications” tab. This blog is meant to provide updates for friends, acquaintances, and interested bystanders. I threaten to update it weekly with essays, photos, and bad jokes.

As to the name…

“Excursus” is one of those excellent words whose separate definitions prove complimentary. It can either be defined as “a detailed discussion of some point,” or, “a digression or incidental excursion.” The blogs that I most enjoy embody both these traits and it is my hope to accomplish something similar. This is a blog of diversions, hopefully detailed, hopefully interesting enough to be worth the effort.

If you want to contact me directly you can do so at shane.danaher(at)gmail.com. Or, let’s be friends.