Here are links to some of my writing and other work. Enjoy!

Portland’s “Willamette Week”

I have worked as a music journalist for the excellent Portland magazine “Willamette Week” for a couple of years now. Great people, great journalism, greatness all around.

Sleepyhead record review

Water and Bodies bio

Jaguar Love bio

Wavves live review

“Bunker Hill Magazine”

Based in lovely Downtown Los Angeles, this lifestyle magazine provides news and cultural coverage to that region’s citizens. I work with it as an Associate Editor, which means I edit stories, write stories, manage the blog and occasionally wind up doing ridiculous things like talking to the Black Eyed Peas.

Profile of L.A. City Councilwoman Jan Perry

Caravan Bookstore

Best Sandwiches in Downtown L.A.

“Salon de Musique” blog post

L.A. Scavenger Hunt blog post

“Rough Copy” magazine

A truly splendid independent literary magazine for which I am an editor and sometime contributor.

Rough Copy Magazine

Rough Copy Blog

An interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell

An interview with Mary Mattingly

“Daily Vanguard”

I was an Arts writer and Arts and Culture Editor for this fine publication whilst in my undergraduate years. Here is a rough smattering of some articles that I wrote while in those jobs.

Profile of the band The Builders and The Butchers

Profile of the band Church

Profile of the band Horse Feathers

An editorial on language usage

A compendium of the swag received during my A&C editorship

“City Arts” Magazine

Check out the magazine here

I’m just linking to the magazine here since I only wrote for the publication’s previous incarnation (“Seattle Sound”) and they didn’t port over their archives when they were rolled into “City Arts.” It is still a very cool publication and worth checking out, especially if you live in the Seattle area.


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